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Technology innovation concepts identification

A powerful tool to apply advanced innovation methodologies in an easy and effective way

MARKET-IT supports the identification of incremental and radical technological innovations, providing:

  • A combined market driven and technology push approach to identify innovations that can have high impact in the market;
  • Powerful tools to identify solutions to engineering problems and to suggest concepts for technology innovation;
  • Suggestion of technological evolutions of technology systems based on generic patterns of evolution defined through the study of millions of patents.

Enterprise document management system

A secure and effective environment to organise, search and share documents

The MARKET IT solution provides a web based Document Management System to organise, store and share documents, accessible from anywhere, and completely safe and secure. It allows:

  • Upload and download of documents, manage folders, and customise users’ access permission levels;
  • Perform advanced searches through keywords and tags, and retrieve ranked documents with previews and snapshots of the searched texts;

Advanced information search and analysis

Semantic search, crawler and Natural Language Processing tools to access and analyze relevant knowledge for Innovation Processes

Advanced search on papers and patents, as well as on relevant web sites to support innovation concepts generation, prior and state of the art analysis, and decision making processes. MARKET IT includes:

  • A crawler to monitor web sites of interest and discover and recommend new ones;
  • Advanced search on patents, papers and other relevant documents for the innovation processes;
  • A deep Natural language process analysis to find patterns within documents (patents, papers, internal documents ), and provide a clustered visualization to suggest possible technological innovations.